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As a building owner, you may face complaints about equipment being too noisy in office areas, distracting employees and affecting their ability to work, or strange noises and vibration coming from HVAC or production equipment.  Sometimes the cause of the noise or vibration is evident, but you are not sure how to solve the problem.  Many times the cause is hidden or not readily apparent.  Sound and Vibration analysis is the method used to determine the problem and identify workable solutions.

In a typical office area, for example, noise levels should be below a prescribed level in order for employees to be able to work effectively.  When these levels are exceeded, employees can experience problems concentrating on the work at hand, have trouble hearing what is being said over the phone, or even holding conversations with fellow employees

Mechanical vibration and vibration induced noise is another major source of occupant complaints in buildings.  With modern building construction, equipment is frequently placed on roofs or other places within a building, making them susceptible to vibration related problems.  Vibration complaints frequently take one of three forms.  First, the vibration level is sufficient to cause occupant complaints or concerns.  Second, vibration may be transmitted through the building structure and then radiated as structure related noise.  Third, building vibration may interfere with sensitive equipment or instrument operation.

Identifying the source of the noise or vibration can be an elusive task and not all complaints can be resolved, however, a thorough investigation by certified personnel with experience and the proper instrumentation can identify problem areas and recommend possible solutions. 

Some projects where TestComm provided sound and vibration analysis are:

  • Spokane Community College Health Science Building
  • Mercy North Medical Center, Boise ID
  • Projects at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Great Falls MT
  • Projects at Fairchild Air Force Base, Spokane WA
  • Shadle Park High School, Spokane WA
  • Davenport Tower Hotel, Spokane WA
  • LDS Church, Spokane WA